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We believe it is our responsibility to ourselves, and for our future generations to do our bit for Mother Nature. We must also make efforts to keep looking for innovations and initiatives that can help conserve our social resources.

Aahana (The Corbett Wilderness) has a very unique and one of the biggest sewage treatment plant in Asia, which runs on the principle of gravity (non electrical).

Through gravity sewage water from WCs, enters into the two primary large chambers, each approximately 3000 cubic feet. The sewage is segregated into solid and liquid waste in these tanks. Solid is settled at the bottom of the tank and the liquid is siphoned out from this tank.

Settled solid is mostly digested by anaerobic bacteria during the course of time.

The liquid from the tank and the waste water from wash basins, bathrooms and kitchen go into the four baffled chambers filled with 40-60 mm gravel. These baffled chambers are approximately 1000 cubic feet.

The water from here enters into 5 chambers (5000 cubic feet) filled with 10-20mm of gravel on which Canna plants are planted. The root of the plant is in the form of a mesh which acts as a filter. The roots develop microorganism, which helps to further degenerate the remaining matter in the liquid. Essentially the liquid is passing through gravel matrix, plant roots and microorganism to filter out clean water.

The filtered odorless water goes into the storage tank having a capacity of 1, 50,000 liters. The treated water is then pumped to the Sprinklers used for gardening.

Use of solar energy At Aahana we partly use solar energy for water heating.
As an Eco-tourism destination resort, we undertook many initiatives. A few of them are mentioned here…

  • We have taken a number of small steps to create greener world by using recycled materials for stationery and laundry bags.
  • We use small refillable toiletries in the bathrooms and try to keep our banquet setups clutter free by using less of linens and frills.
  • One of the most interesting steps we took is using recycled water for our gardens and we actively engage in rainwater harvesting.
  • During the day we put to use the abundant solar energy for our boilers.
  • We engage in solid waste management.
  • We do not use any pesticides or fertilizers inside the property.
  • A large number of herbs and medicinal plants have been grown inside the property. We are happy to share with you that we have been able to considerably reduce the number of mosquitoes in the place by growing lemon grass and citronella.
  • We engage in organic farming as well.

And while we at Aahana Resort go forward on our mission to make this popular destination environmentally friendly, we also eagerly look up to you to share your good wishes for this green endeavor.