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Our Story

Kamal Tripathi comes from a family of freedom fighters who always had the welfare of the country and community in their hearts. Inspired by such people in his family Kamal always wanted to do something for his community. Kamal founded Aahana resort in the Jim Corbett National Park in India. The resort is highly acclaimed by environmentalists for conservation, employing local people and making investments in recycling projects. Aahana has one of India’s biggest sewage treatment plants in the country. Sharing its boundary with the forest and with native vegetation the resort is like a green oasis.

In the north Indian state of Uttarakhand, district Nainital situated seven kilometers from Ramnagar, lies an eco- friendly luxurious resort in Corbet Park- ” Aahana- The Corbett Wilderness”. The resort derives its name from the Sanskrit word- Aahana (first rays of the rising sun) because the first rays of the sun fall on the resort and bathe the landscaped property in golden light. The resort touches the forests of Corbett National Park all along its entire length on the north eastern boundary, contiguous to the forests of the National Park.

Rated as the best resort in Jim Corbett national park, as per the guest reviews. Our endeavour has been to always exceed the guest expectation of the well deserved title.

Luxury reigns supreme here at our elegant, full-service resort which features a unique set of amenities including, one of its kind- the Aahana naturopathy centre.

Aahana Resort

Committed to conservation of nature, Aahana strives for zero waste production through recycling waste. Use of CFL and LED lights saves power and reduces the emission of carbon dioxide from the generators. A unique Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) that uses Cannae Root Zone System without use of electricity and chemicals recycles waste water from the facility to provide clean water for gardening.

The entire property has been landscaped with forest species and grass to provide extended space to wildlife. One can often see and listen to wildlife from the living rooms and the other areas.

We invite you to experience various adventurous and relaxing activities that the resort and the Corbett national park have to offer.
You can choose to explore the mesmerizing jungle in an elephant safari or a jeep, drive through the jungle to visit the local neighborhoods, or spend your day at our eco-friendly property. Within the property, you take advantage of the family sports room, go horseback riding, get an invigorating massage at our Aahana Naturopathy Centre and at dusk, relax by the pool around the bonfire under the star lit sky.

We are blessed to share our boundary with the Corbett Wildlife Sanctuary that will allow you to overlook the mesmerizing jungle from your own balcony! This land is bound to get you very close to nature and as you take a stroll within the property, we would encourage you to pause for a moment to enjoy the fresh breeze, refreshing smell of wilderness and the enchanting sounds of birds and wildlife. We take pride in being an eco-friendly resort so you can enjoy your stay here comfortable with the knowledge that you have done so without damaging the fragile eco system you have come to enjoy

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