Namaskar from Aahana – The Corbett Wilderness, TripAdvisor Traveller’s Choice Award for the 8th Best Resort in India for 2017-18!!!

Welcome to Aahana Resort, the ultimate luxury resort for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts. Nestled in 13.5 acres of lush green landscape sharing a boundary with the Bijrani Zone of Jim Corbett National Park, we are home to over 200 species of birds. Along with our organic farm-to-fork experience, and eco-initiatives that have earned us accolades, we are a proud ambassador of sustainable tourism. Join us at Aahana – The Corbett Wilderness, where luxury meets responsibility, and create memories that will last a lifetime."

Greet the first rays of the rising sun, or ‘Aahana’ in Sanskrit, at the finest hospitality provider in Corbett. Ideally placed between the dense jungles of the reserve and a local farming village, Aahana brings to you classic hospitality in a grand setting. Graded exceptional by our patrons across forums (Trip Advisor), Aahana has been voted in the exclusive list of Traveler’s Choice Top 25 Resorts in India consecutively for the last five years ! It is a testament to our high service standards, and the ability to curate memorable experiences for all our guests. Our pride is our staff, majorly sourced from the local villages as part of our responsible tourism initiative, who offer exceptional hospitality at all times.

The Untold Story Behind Aahana

Mr. Kamal Tripathi and his wife Mrs. Sunita Tripathi envisioned Aahana not just to create a resort but to create a family along with it. Mr. Tripathi comes from a family of Freedom Fighters, and from there his belief in giving back to society stems. Inspired by his upbringing he involved the local community in his endeavour.

In 2002, as he laid the foundations of Aahana Mr. Tripathi imagined of creating a home not only for the travellers from all over the world but also for the 173 bird species, the 200 species of trees and various species of flora that live in Aahana today. With his dream come true, Aahana stands today as an ecologically responsible and sustainable retreat amidst the wild environs of Corbett.

The couple actively takes initiatives to help in the development of the region. They donated apart of the resort land where the hand pump for the village has been put up, and it has drastically solved the village’s water problem. They even financially support the village school in whichever way possible. At a personal level, they offer compensation to people if wild animals cause damage to the people’s property or cattle. A lot of awareness drives in the area are undertaken under Mrs Tripathi’s guidance. The use of CFL and LED lights saves power and reduces the emission of carbon dioxide from the generators. The 100% waste management program also contributes to our motto of minimising carbon footprints. The last five years of love and respect from the village and continued guest patronage have reaffirmed our beliefs that we are on the right path.

Left to right: Ayu Tripathi (Daughter), Kamal Tripathi,
Sunita Tripathi, Tanishq Tripathi (Son)

Aahana’s Journey With Sustainability

“Luxury With Responsibility”

Water conservation is at the heart of this effort and is driven by our Root -Zone Treatment through Canna plant (one of the biggest of its kind in Asia). The plant effectively recycles our waste water and is used for watering our gardens. Our pathways have been designed which allows rainwater to seep through them, thus maintaining the underground water table, and we also perform rainwater harvesting

All biodegradable waste generated within the property is decomposed and utilized as manure for our gardens and organic farming. The non-biodegradable waste is collected, segregated and sent for recycling, maintaining the ecological balance within the resort. Empty paint boxes are used as dustbins and paper bags are made out of used newspapers.

Energy conservation was at the heart even when Aahana was envisioned. The construction was done keeping in mind ecological norms and regulations. Most of the wood used in the resort was "repurposed" and was directly transported from Alang in Gujarat.The rooms were designed to receive natural light during the day which reduces consumption of electricity and we use energy efficient (LED /CFL) lights across the property.

The power infrastructure was planned using high conducting transmission lines to minimize energy losses. Further energy conversation features includes an increased role for solar energy in our water heating systems and the installation of a Gobar Gas Plant, a renewable natural resource, is used by the staff for cooking.

Aahana is essentially getting "reforested" as it was barren agricultural land – it hence naturally attracts birds and butterflies and more than 100 different types of birds have been sighted within the property. Learning from local nature experts made us plant natural mosquito repellent plants like Lemongrass and Citronella, hence paring down the usage of insecticides and pesticides.

Indulge in a unique farm-to-fork experience at our resort, sourced directly from our own organic farm. Our produce is cultivated with care, free from harmful pesticides, ensuring the freshest, most flavorful cuisine possible. Enjoy our diverse array of spices and exotic vegetables, and unwind with our handcrafted herbal teas, made from over 10 different herbs grown on-site. Experience the true taste of luxury today.

To promote community based participation the resort undertakes various activities where villagers are actively involved viz; cultural nights where villagers come and perform, they talk about the culture and history of the place and even cook local cuisines, undertake various cleanliness drives in the village and promote their handicrafts. We also don’t play loud music in our resort so we don’t disturb wildlife and our neighbouring community.