How to make an Immunity booster drink.

Immunity Booster Drink

Immunity Booster Drink is a part of a healthy lifestyle, which needs to be integrated into your daily life.

At aahana we believe that a healthy lifestyle can be achieved by a combination of right and fresh food, exercise, mental wellbeing, and a good immunity system. As a country, we are a powerhouse of herbs, spices, and medicinal plants which are found in our kitchen on daily basis.

We can all boost our immunity by increasing our consumption of these. Here is the recipe for one of the best immunity improvement health drinks.

Begin your day with a shot of Lemon, Ginger, Raw turmeric and Cinnamon boiled in water.

We have a combination of concussions that can be taken. While at Aahana don’t forget to grab your shot with every meal.

If you wish to know more combinations leave a message. Stay Healthy. Stay Happy!

Watch our Video on Immunity Booster Drink.


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