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Dr. Braj Bhushan Kumar (BNYS, MSC DFSM, MSC YOGA, PGDEMS)

Achieving and maintaining great health is simple. A versatile physician having in-depth knowledge of nature cure and yoga sciences. He is propagating natural health lifestyle and non-pharmaceutical health intervention in transformational and interesting ways. Providing professional consultation about the self-healing capacity of the body, the benefits of health and food and natural lifestyle, he ensures trusted information for the best long term management of health. He has turned around the lives of many patients suffering from chronic degenerative disorders (e.g. osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, atherosclerosis, COPD, atherosclerosis, etc.) and lifestyle disorders (e.g. obesity, diabetes, hypertension, chronic liver diseases, arthritis, etc.) in various naturopathy organizations of repute. He had mastered the art of creating a personalized set of therapies to speed up recovery and regeneration process.

Having more than 10 years of experience in the field, he guides & comforts the patients through his rich experience about natural ways of healthy living. He has written various articles on the life-style disorders and their management through holistic methods.


Ignite your inner wisdom. Young and passionate drugless health care professional. She has worked in Delhi, Gujrat and Nepal serving patients with personalized result oriented health programs. A confident and hard working naturopathy expert with a very amiable and cooperative attitude. She has extensive knowledge on various aspects of health with specialization in women’s health. Hers own brainchild integrated approach of yoga techniques is applauded by one and all. She guides the clients towards a better, healthier living practices in a pleasant and warm way.

A keen observer who integrates nature cure and yoga techniques for the well-being of an individual. She brings the best out of oneself by counseling, facilitating and teaching of natural healing systems.


What's Nearby

  • The closest airport for Aahana Resort is the Pantnagar airport 70 km.
  • Ramnagar railway station is 15 minutes drive from the resort
  • Drive from New Delhi to the Resort is 5 hrs