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Our Story

Mr Kamal Tripathi comes from a family of Freedom Fighters, and his belief that genuine growth cannot be achieved unless all the stakeholders grow in tandem is the basis that forms the Aahana Family. Inspired by his upbringing, and the thought of involving the local community in an endeavor, Mr Tripathi laid the foundations of Aahana in 2002 in the Corbett area of Uttarakhand.

When he imagined Aahana, it was not only a dream of creating an ecologically responsible and sustainable retreat amidst the wild environs of Corbett, but also an idea where families can have wonderful experiences to celebrate with their near and dear ones. This is the vision of Mr Kamal Tripathi, your host at Aahana – The Corbett Wilderness.

Both the partners of the resort Mr. Kamal Tripathi and his wife Mrs. Sunita Tripathi actively take initiatives to give back to the society as well as development of the region. Apart from just running the resort, Mr Tripathi donated a part of the resort land where the hand pump for the village has been put up. He even financially supports the village school in whatever way possible, and at a personal level, offers compensation to people in case of wild animals causing damage to property or cattle. A lot of awareness drives in the area are undertaken under Mrs Tripathi’s guidance.

Aahana Resort

Aahana is owned by a family of freedom fighters from the region who have deep rooted concern with water, forest and land conservation. Even the early beginnings of the resort stayed true to these promises as Aahana was started on a barren piece of land which villagers had deemed unfit for cultivation. Today with natural soil treatment based on local knowledge and the continued perseverance the same barren land is now a habitat for over 4,000 trees and over a 100 different species of birds.

From its humble beginnings, Aahana has extended its ambitions by investing in both technology and ecologically responsible behaviors which would allow us to stay true to our beliefs. We also realise that while hospitality is important, our guests should get an authentic experience and hence have 95% of the local staff.

“Aahana – The Corbett Wilderness is both Sustainable and Responsible

The heart of sustainable development in Aahana stems from the fact that we are locals and so is our staff, purchases and merchandise. We promote local food, handicrafts, culture.

To develop the region around, we started by donating land for construction of tube-well for the village, promote cleanliness and hygiene and support the village school.

Aahana believes that sustainability has to be rooted in local flora and fauna, along with local customs and culture. The last five years of love and respect from the village and continued guest patronage have reaffirmed our beliefs that we are on the right path!

Committed to conservation of nature, Aahana strives for zero waste production through recycling waste. Use of CFL and LED lights saves power and reduces the emission of carbon dioxide from the generators. A unique Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) that uses Cannae Root Zone System without use of electricity and chemicals recycles waste water from the facility to provide clean water for gardening.

The entire property has been landscaped with forest species and grass to provide extended space to wildlife. One can often see and listen to wildlife from the living rooms and the other areas. We invite you to experience various adventurous and relaxing activities that the resort and the Corbett national park have to offer.

You can choose to explore the mesmerizing jungle in an elephant safari or a jeep, drive through the jungle to visit the local neighborhoods, or spend your day at our eco-friendly property. Within the property, you take advantage of the family sports room, go horseback riding, get an invigorating massage at our Aahana Naturopathy Centre and at dusk, relax by the pool around the bonfire under the star lit sky.


What's Nearby

  • The closest airport for Aahana Resort is the Pantnagar airport 70 km.
  • Ramnagar railway station is 15 minutes drive from the resort
  • Drive from New Delhi to the Resort is 5 hrs