Corbett – Secret of mysterious land with aahana resort

Corbett - Secret of mysterious land with aahana resort

Secret of mysterious land: Now the sound of rain and the smell of petrichor is like a distant memory as the season transits into a cooler and calmer state. No more do they dance  to the wild winds of the monsoons rather they sway to a sweeter music of the wild. The lushes greener than ever shine radiantly hiding all its charms and secrets waiting to be discovered.

The forest emanates its beauty as the flora and fauna delight in the cool zephyr enchanting the entire forest under a spell, the soft murmur of the wind captivates the passer to be awestruck by its beauty.

Aahana invites you to discover the Secret of mysterious land where the beauty of the flora and fauna that rods upon it is unmatched, discover them in the zones of Jim Corbett which open once again to be explored by our happy travellers.

Note: The Bijrani zone of corbett national park has opened today. 15th October 2016 To #30th June 2017

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