Humming notes – Earth day coverage (22nd April)

Saying Thanks To The Earth, In A Unique Way

It isn’t often that you come across a luxury property so committed to the cause of giving back to the earth and its surroundings. And this is where Aahana Resort, at Village Sewaldeh in Ramnagar district (more famously known as Jim Corbett National Park) not only stands out but emerges aces in its commitment to preserving the environment.

Asia largest STP plant in corbett

In fact, shreds of evidence of how committed they are to support local ecology are apparent as soon as one steps into the entrance is one of the biggest sewage treatment plant in Asia, which runs, not on electricity, but on gravity. The waste water from the WCs enters two large chambers of a capacity of 3000 cubic litres each. The sewage segregates into solid and liquid waste in these tanks. Solid is settled at the bottom of the tank and the liquid is syphoned out from this tank.

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