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Aahana An Eco-Friendly Resort  With The Promise Of Luxury

Ten-Second Takeaway

The gorgeous Aahana Resort is an eco-friendly luxury property ensconced in Jim Corbett National Park. A real treat for those looking for an indulgent holiday, the resort is also known for its conservation and local-friendly practices.

The Space

Aahana has 10 Victorian-style residential blocks, which house 46 living units, giving the area the feel of a private, luxurious community. The rooms range from regular to two-bedroom suites to four-bedroom villas. They also have a small kids area complete with a colourful tunnel slide and a trampoline.

The spacious rooms are warm and welcoming, each having a private balcony overlooking the forest. It isn’t unusual to wake up to monkeys peeping into your bedroom {might want to draw the curtains at night if you’re looking for privacy} or cows grazing outside your villa. Rest assured, you won’t end up as dinner for tigers. They’ve followed all safety measures; they even lock the main parallel gates after it gets dark. The middle space then serves as a wildlife trail.

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