Recreating The Natural Balance: Aahana – The Corbett Wilderness


Recreating The Natural Balance: Ever thought of learning how to blend modernity with nature? Find it at this eco-friendly resort in the famous Corbett Tiger Reserve.

Words & Photographs: Ambica Gulati

“My father believes that if you take care of nature, it will take care of you,” smiles 23-year-old Ayu Tripathi who helps her father, Kamal Tripathi, run the resort. With roots embedded in the region, the Tripathis believe in integrating the best of indigenous practices with modern requirements. “As the top layer was sandy soil, nothing would grow in this land and the villagers thought it was a cursed land. But my father bought it in 2003 and after a few feet, we found fertile soil. So, the first thing we did was plant trees at the boundary.” Now, a healthy dose of green welcomes the holidaymaker.


Aahana luxury resort spreads green on the lap of the national park

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