One Monsoon Day At Aahana – Jim Corbett

One Monsoon Day At Aahana - Jim Corbett

One Monsoon Day: A quiet walk with Mother Nature, nurtures your mind, body and soul.

One Monsoon Day At Aahana - Jim Corbett

The rain slapped hard against the earth as the branches and the saplings danced along with the current. The petrichor had a sweet smell of jasmine in the evening. The horizon was painted yellowish red in the twilight, tandoor was lit by the evening and now the air around the restaurant was filled with the aroma of different cuisines.

One Monsoon Day At Aahana - Jim Corbett

The night had become quiet, the moonlight shone bright in the star lit sky. The resort’s singer and guitarist entertained people with their lively tunes.

The sizzling sound of my tandoor platter and the shiver in Mr. Barlow’s story sent up a chill through me. He made my evening exciting and sweet with his stories. The fall of the water from the rockery by the pool and the pleasant surrounding around me added a special charm and a whole new character. The evening had picked up on a musical tune as the guitarist and singer played through the evening, they made sure to please every guest’s request.

While the evening danced on a happy tune, people sat in and around the Dhikala Restaurant enjoying their dinner.

The Dhikala Restaurant has a clear direct view of the pool and the rockery through its huge glass windows. It is grand in all its dimensions;     and has a Victorian feel to it. The majestic look comes with its high ceiling and its food, served in the best China, which is sumptuous for all guests.  All three meals of the day are served in this restaurant along with live cooking. The restaurant offers multi cuisines along with a special ala carte menu for unique dishes including; Italian, continental, Chinese, Indian, Kumauni etc.

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The restaurant is decorated with different dishes throughout the day, the bakery served by the resort is made within the resort including, muffins, multi-grain bread, fruit cakes and many more items.

The resort also has an organic garden which nurtures exotic vegetables and many herbs which are later served in the restaurant, the guests also have complete freedom to choose their vegetables which are added to their meals. Cattle cows are bred within the resort, to help provide the guest with pure and fresh cow milk.

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kumaoni dishes in jim corbettkumaoni dishes in jim corbett

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The restaurant’s meals are cared for by  special cooks who with their utmost capabilities try surprising the guests with new delicacies each day. The guests are treated with dishes from around the world which are added to the buffet including; Arabic, Continental, Indian etc.

The desserts include local sweets, cheesecakes, soufflés, and a variety of English sweets. The resort also nurtures Mango, Guava, Pomegranate and many more fruit trees which are served in the breakfast menu, these fruits growing within the parameters of the resort are free of chemicals. The resort makes utmost efforts to provide the best to its guests and makes sure to satisfy each guest to their utmost capabilities.

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One Monsoon Day At Aahana - Jim Corbett

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