Weddings at Aahana Resort, Jim Corbett


Wedding at Aahana Resort: All things in this world can wait, all things but love. The joy of getting married to the love of your life, before all the others that matter to you, is a feeling that cannot wait. This love deserves to be cherished, it deserves to be acknowledged in a way, that thinking about your wedding day gives you tears of joy.

sacred bond in the heart of nature

To join this sacred bond in the heart of nature is all that is left to do. To find a place where the headache of the wedding is not present to burden you and your loved ones. A place that promises you a fairytale wedding of a lifetime. A place that rings with luxury and comfort. A place adorned with blue skies and lushes of green. Along with a heart as big as the forest that surrounds it.



It is as beautiful and refreshing as its name, that in its literal sense means: The first Rays of the sun. Bathed in the golden light, its green carpet extend to 13 acres.


The rooms built in Victorian style, and decorated in wood, glass and stone, are very luxurious and spacious. Don’t even think about travelling light for your special holiday, the rooms are big enough to easily accommodate you and your fancy wedding wardrobe.


Right from decorating the settings of the various ceremonies to making sure that every individual is happy, the wedding team is equipped to take care of everything. The motto is to make your journey as easy as possible.

luxury weddings in corbett

right from making sure you safely reach the resort to bid you farewell with wonderful memories, and with a big smile on your face.

Wedding Celebration

The guests, upon their arrival, are traditionally welcomed. The bagpiper player plays a sweet Kumaoni song to welcome the guests. A special ‘tika’ is put, along with serving rhododendron juice (a local drink) and hand towels. The staff makes sure whether the guests have settled in, informing them about the ceremonies, and about other aspects of the resort.

wedding welcome

The staff makes sure that when you wake up in the morning you don’t have to worry about welcoming your guests, checking on the decoration and food. All you have to take care of is dressing up yourself and enjoying the day. The resort understands the importance of making sure that every detail is meticulously taken care of. To make sure the food is set right, the decoration is perfect and is ready on time, and most importantly the guests are having a gala time. They only rest at the end of the day, when they’ve prepared for the festivities for the next and made sure that each guest had a lovely time. What would be better than a personalized service, to make sure that all guests feel equally an important part of the function.



And about the decoration and events? What would you prefer..! to married in a picturesque frame with the forest in the background and a beautiful pool with a heavenly rockery by your side.


Or maybe enveloped in the different shades of green in the big lawns.


To dance along with local Cholia dancers and get your Barat, or to bid farewell in a royal horse-driven victorian buggy, along with your significant other.

wedding buggy

All of these special additions make your wedding as unique and fun as possible, after all, it’s this special day that marks the significance of the wonderful and loving years to come.


It is to mark the significance of the love that you share, the promises you make, and the happiness you give.


The resort offers many different locations to celebrate the different ceremonies and bring novelty and charm to each of them. Well, if you were to look for such a perfect wedding destination.


I have just the resort for you, maybe you’ve even heard it through your friend. It’s one of the top twenty-five hotels and resorts in India. It’s the abode of luxury and nature, it’s Aahana!

If you can already imagine yourself getting married in this haven then Aahana is the place for you.

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