How to reach the level of calm and awareness at Aahana’s Naturopathy Centre


Naturopathy is all about letting your body heal itself. And at Aahana’s Naturopathy Centre they teach you how to reach that level of calm and awareness

Anxiety. Aren’t we all its victims, one way or the other? I took anxiety on a different level altogether–got anxious at the prospect of seeing someone for my anxiety. Preparing myself for a “relaxing time” at Aahana The Corbett Wilderness Resort took its toll on me and my heart told me I was happy but my head chose sleepless nights. This was my second visit to the resort in four years’ time and I remembered vividly why the resort was one of my favourite places to be in. The first time was a charm; the second time was, well, an extension of that same charm.

How to reach the level of calm and awareness

After an overnight journey from Delhi to Ramnagar, I reached Aahana feeling fresh. Things were different this time around; saplings I saw last were now tall trees, cottages well-hidden behind a thick cover of trees all over the resort. From my last visit I remembered that the resort don’t believe in cutting their grass as it attracts insects which in turn attracts birds. I also remembered how I didn’t find even a single pesky mosquito during my stay there thanks to lemongrass and citronella plants all around the property. As I remembered those good times, my mind relaxed eventually. I was ready to figure out how to deal with my demon–lifestyle-related health problems that was bestowed upon me by my beloved Delhi.

How to reach the level of calm and awareness

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